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What are Points?
Well, points are the greatest thing to happen to life since Switched Clothing! Ok, so that sounds a bit cocky, but it's almost true! Why? Because points lead to free stuff! And who doesn't love free stuff?
With points you can get free t-shirts, free bags, other apparel, & fancy swag. And soon, we'll let you cash in your points for entry into special contests, and let's just say, we all love iPods and Apple Computers here!
How do you get points?
Well that is the easiest part. Just sign up, and you'll automatically receive 1,000 points. That is 1/10 of the way to a free t-shirt. And for every item you buy, you get 1,000 additional points. That means every 10th shirt is free, that's like 10% rewards for all of your purchases!
What's that? You're cheap, and you STILL want free stuff?
That's ok, some of us here are cheap as well. Therefore, for every person you refer to sign up, you'll be in line for 1,000 points when they make their first purchase! So 9 referalls can be all you need to get a free t-shirt!
We also track how many purchases your referrals make, and from time to time we will reward you for bringing us such great business. For you, it's free merchandise, for us it's free advertisement, win-win, eh?
So log in, or register already and start earning free stuff!
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